Newsletter – March 2015


OSRAM SYLVANIA has launched the ENCELIUM® Wireless Energy Management System (EMS), a robust portfolio of sleek hardware solutions designed to expand lighting control to hard-to-reach locations and simplify and lower the overall cost of installation.  ENCELIUM is a scalable and simple lighting control system that enables owners to elevate the cost-effectiveness and occupant experience of their lighting spaces with just a click of the mouse.  The new ENCELIUM Wireless EMS is based on the ZigBee® Pro network stack and includes wireless managers, sensors, control modules for attaching to light fixtures, and wallstations, and is being installed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a $10 billion integrated global health enterprise in Pennsylvania.

The new ENCELIUM Wireless EMS integrates with both wireless and wired ENCELIUM devices and the ENCELIUM Polaris 3D® lighting management software, the core element of the ENCELIUM system that facilitates the commissioning, usage and data analysis of the lighting installation. Developed in North America and accessible anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection, the new Polaris 3D 3.5.2 software is even easier to use and offers additional flexibility for buildings to comply with local building codes, offer a comfortable work environment for employees, reduce their lighting energy consumption by as much as 75 percent, and qualify for several points toward LEED certification.  The 3D color gradient visualization shows how efficient an installation is and immediately reports the savings achieved. 


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Compass provides users a cleaner, simpler interface.

To empower building owners and operators to easily manage their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, building automation systems manufacturer and pioneer Alerton (a Honeywell business) has released an updated version of its Ascent Compass Software.

The Compass 1.2 solution provides users a cleaner, simpler interface designed to reduce the steps required to optimize building systems and energy efficiency, and thus save facilities staff time and increasing work efficiency.


Introduced in 2014, Compass is a part of the Alerton Ascent building automation suite of products that monitors and controls a host of building systems, including HVAC, lighting, security/access control, fire and life safety, elevators and escalators, and others.

Compass 1.2 software features an enhanced navigation tree that enables each user, or group of users, to tailor the building automation system to only present features pertaining to their work. The interface is simpler and reduces the number of steps required to complete a task, notes Alerton.

Another feature is context-specific menus that provide relevant data and tasks wherever a user is within the system. This allows users to easily view, create and edit alarms or any system data points controlled by Ascent, delivering complete user management of trend logs, alarms and schedules via the Web. Additional enhancements include updated graphic images, controls and views.

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