Newsletter – September 2014

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Minnesota soon to release new building codes for 2015 

Minnesota is adopting a new set of updated construction codes that will go into effect Jan. 24, 2015, and Feb. 14, 2015. The code book fact sheets (located here) describe each of these codes, where to obtain them and when they go into effect. The codes are anticipated to be available late fall of 2014. To better understand these new changes and how they may impact you and your building projects, this site has listed numerous training options and opportunities throughout the year.

Actively manage buildings to improve occupant health, productivity, and well-being 

Encompassing indoor-air quality (IAQ), thermal quality, and lighting quality, indoor environmental quality (IEQ) impacts the comfort, well-being, and productivity of building occupants. It is a “perceived” experience,1 one affected by factors such as space design, equipment vibration, acoustics, and aesthetics.

Codes and standards contain minimum requirements intended to ensure buildings do not impair occupant health and comfort. Environmental-quality optimization is a concept aimed at improvingoccupant health and comfort. As this article will discuss, by intelligently exceeding codes and standards, we not only get by, we get ahead.


It is important to note some environmental-quality-optimization measures can be implemented during lighting retrofits for little or no additional cost. Others can be adopted during interior renovation or through modification of HVAC systems and HVAC-system operation. Many such measures can perform double duty, also serving as part of an energy-management program.