Building Automation

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    Do your new construction specs call for a certain lighting automation control or an entire building automation system? Do you need a specific HVAC system for your building upgrade? Not a problem.

    HumeraTech’s open protocol building automation systems allow us to select, install and service HVAC, lighting and security and digital video systems from a wide range of manufacturers. Intuitive building automation system dashboards, diagnostics and analytics let you remotely access, monitor, track, trend, troubleshoot, report — and control — your building’s programmed operations in one area, one building or across multiple facilities.

  • HVAC

    Is it time to upgrade or replace your building’s HVAC system?

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  • Energy Efficiency

    Save money by optimizing your building’s energy efficiency.

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  • Lighting Automation

    Retrofit or replace your building’s lighting system to reduce energy costs.

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  • Security & Digital Video

    Safeguard your building and its occupants with an integrated security system.

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  • Legacy Systems & Integration

    Do you want to integrate building automation and controls with existing equipment?

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  • Services

    Our services range from conducting energy audits, to designing and installing integrated automation systems, to equipment service.

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