Privacy Policy

HumeraTech is sensitive to privacy issues on the Internet and is committed to protecting your privacy on our website. HumeraTech takes reasonable precautions to keep all information obtained from our online visitors secure against unauthorized access and use, and we periodically review our security measures. We’ve established the following guidelines to explain the way in which we use information gathered from visitors to our website:

What information does HumeraTech collect?

In general, you can visit HumeraTech on the web to access information while remaining anonymous and not revealing any personal information. There are times, however, that we’ll ask you to provide certain information (such as your name and address) so that we may understand you better and make you aware of any new products that you might be interested in. Our web server may also collect the domain names, but not the e-mail addresses, of visitors to our website. We use information to monitor and assist us in improving the content on our web.

How will HumeraTech protect your personal information?

Forms you fill out to interact with our company may request that you give us sensitive information such as your e-mail address. Whenever that is the case, HumeraTech will take all commercially reasonable steps to establish a secure connection with your web browser.

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